In the background, music plays in the frequency of OHM, perfectly complementing the vibration of the tuning forks that now begin to sweep through your energy field. This frequency corresponds to the movement of the Earth around the Sun, and brings the nurturing power of Mother Earth into your energy field  Your energy body instinctively responds to this frequency with a feeling of security and peace.  

You are invited to share your experience as the energy begins to move and continue the conversation we began over the tarot cards, or to simply relax and experience the deep restoration that comes with the release of trapped energies.

Your session ends with a warm Himalayan salt treatment and an epsom salt foot bath to ground your now free-flowing energy back into your physical body.   Enjoy a bottle of alkaline water charged with sunlight, crystal energy and healing sound frequency.​

These creatures keep company with a cloud of fairies and ancestral spirits who are attracted to the energy of the Great Mother. They also mingle with my guests who book a stay at Wildwood Gardens through Air BnB.  The guest room is truly a magical place to wake up in the morning.  Use the link below to view the listing and instantly book your stay.

I will use different instruments in your energy field.  Some are used to dissolve areas of tangled energy that have been created by emotional wounds. Others are target the ancestral and past-life patterns that interfere with your personal energy flow. 

When your field is clear and the energy centers are balanced, I will use my tuning forks to energize key acupuncture points on your body, leaving you  refreshed and restored from head to toe.

Next, you will recline on a soft, tapestry-draped treatment table and enjoy the afternoon sunlight reflecting off of a gorgeous ceiling mural.

For some time now, I’ve been working with the amazing power of sound frequencies to re-pattern the human energy field.  This deeply relaxing process clears, tunes and upgrades your subtle energy system.  When patterns of stuck energy are restored to a state of flow, the door to healing opens, deeply transforming emotional, physical, and spiritual distress into wholeness.

Your session begins with a tarot card reading. During this time we will explore the energies that are ready to be cleared, and discover the path that leads to the next chapter in your journey. This sets a clear intention for the healing work that follows. 

Spiritual Retreat and Sound Healing Center

In our follow-up consultation, you will receive several powerful gifts to support you in integrating the new flow of energy, including a copy of the Human Experience Quick-Start Guide.   You will leave Wildwood Gardens with the tools you need to begin living inside of a better version of your Life Story.

I AM Kaylene McCaw, also called Lady Melody, and Wildwood Gardens is my home and sanctuary.  I have been tending this piece of earth for 22 years.  A while back I made the decision to give up creative control and let the Land show me the ecosystem that she wanted to manifest.  That choice was the beginning of a beautiful adventure.

Today my Backyard Glade is an oasis of naturalized plantings that make a home for innumerable lizards, a colony of squirrels, several species of birds, and a handful of shiny green solitary bees who make  their nests in tiny bird-houses.  It is also the chosen habitat of Opal the tortoiseshell cat and an adorable free-range rabbit named Mr. Kiwi who maintains a burrow behind the air conditioner.  â€‹

Welcome to

​Wildwood Gardens