Psychic SundaysTour--

*Includes a Sonic Immersion*

Haunted Sarasota Tour--

Spirits, Stories and Songs

This 90 minute trolley adventure books year-round on Friday nights.  Your tour begins from the Discover Sarasota cottage at 4th and Ospreyin the Historic Downtown Village.  Enjoy complimentary wine, beer and water while you wait to board.  The trolley leaves at 8 PM and weaves through a labyrinth of historical sites that are known hangouts for some of our Old Friends who don't have bodies anymore.  

As a Certified Funeral Celebrant and Death Midwife, I've spent a lot of time thinking about the idea of *A Good Death* and how to have one.   After spending some time getting to know the ghosts of Sarasota,  I find there's a powerful connection between how we spend our lives and what story we play out when it's time to *ghost*   

‚ÄčThis tour includes spooky songs, silly jokes, and fascinating stories about Sarasota's famous, and infamous dead residents.  This cabaret on wheels will make you laugh a lot, think a little and sing along with Lady Melody as we hang out with the nicest gang of dead people you could ever hope to meet!

Trolley Tours

Afternoons and Evenings

In December through Christmas Week

 Friday Evenings all year

Sunday Afternoons

Christmas Carol Tour

This light-hearted adventure is suitable for all ages.  Lady Melody illuminates the Holiday History that weaves together the traditions we celebrate at this Magical Time of Year.  You are joined by gifted singers who perform Holiday Hits to delight and inspire.  Sing along with seasonal songs, enjoy uplifting stories and rediscover the eternal power of Joy and Hope.

This psychic exploration books year-round on Sunday afternoons. Currently on hold after the untimely death of Michael Newton-Brown, the tour will resume as soon as a worthy replacement becomes available.  

During the tour, you will join me at the Crocker Memorial Church for a Sound Immersion.  I use vocal toning, Tibetan bowls, tuned chimes, percussion instruments and a gong to transform your energy into a state of flow.    B bo