The Wizarding World  begins to take on a horrifying resemblance to our own .  As evil begins to capture the government and the press, Good People must resist.  

Lady Melody reads

​the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter (AKA the chosen one) has a date with destiny.  Prophecy marks him as the One who will be able to defeat the Dark Lord--but for now, he's just a kid with problems of his own.

This playlist  was recorded some years ago.  Today these messages are more relevant than ever.  Being ahead of your time isn't much fun, but it's really useful when we all get to the point of 2020 Hindsight.

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Lady Melody reads

​Dr. Seuss and Friends

Lady Melody reads

Slaughterhouse Five

Lady Melody reads

To Kill a Mockingbird

The tale of the Boy Who Lived continues as Harry finds himself in the middle of the action once again.  

​​​​Into the Mystic 

Useful Concepts in

Physics and Beyond

A notorious criminal has escaped from Wizard Prison, and he's looking for Revenge!

Harper Lee produced her Pulitzer Prize winning Great American Novel in 1960.  To Kill a Mockingbird presents a rich and nuanced picture of complex cultural issues; a female lead character worthy of honor; and in Scout's father, Atticus, an icon of true integrity.

Milo has a very uninteresting existence, UNTIL the sudden arrival of the Phantom Tollbooth ushers him into the Lands Beyond.  This journey of discovery and transformation is full of wit and word-play that always satisfies.

Lady Melody reads

Harry Potter

Lady Melody Reads

Order of the Phoenix

Lady Melody reads Animal Farm

Slaughterhouse Five recounts Kurt Vonnegut’s memories of the Second World War filtered through the fictional eyes of Billy Pilgrim, who has come unstuck in time.

Madeline L'Engle gives us the heroic tale of Meg Murray, an oddball girl who must battle the dark force that besets our troubled world.

Lady Melody reads

A Wrinkle in Time

Lady Melody reads 1984


Lady Melody reads

​the Phantom Tollbooth

In this pivotal installment of the story, Dumbledore begins to personally prepare Harry for the ultimate battle with the Dark Lord.

Barbara Parks has given us a tiny heroine whose story is as hilarious as it is easy to read.

In book two of the Harry Potter saga, things heat up as an Ancient Evil is released at Hogwarts, and Harry the prime suspect.

Animal Farm was written before 1984.  In this classic story, the animals of Manor Farm stage a revolution and overthrow the tyranny of Human Beings.  As the tale unfolds, we see the first flush of promise turn slowly into totalitarian rule.  This is Orwell's reminder of how the seemingly *Brand New Ideas* of Socialism have ALWAYS played out on Planet Earth.

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The Goblet of Fire

Lady Melody reads

Julie B Jones

Sonic Sundays

​with Lady Melody

Dr. Seuss uses the simplest words possible to teach us the most important things. The power of Faithfulness, the weakness of Vanity, and the importance of Every Voice.  

Lady Melody reads Farenheit 451

High geek-value presentations of the places where modern Physics meets ancient Mysticism.

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Stanley Yelnats inherited a nasty curse from his dirty rotten pig-stealing great great grandfather. Fate gives him the opportunity to turn it all around.

Farenheit 451-the temperature at which paper burns.  Ray Bradbury writes with poetic grace about a possible future in which Firemen  burn books and sometimes the criminals who read them.  This beautifully crafted tale of redemption follows Firman Guy Montag through his awakening and return to sanity.  May it be so for our troubled world.

Lady Melody reads

the Prisoner of Azkaban

Instant sound therapy from Wildwood Gardens.

Lady Melody reads

the Half-Blood Prince

Our Lady Melody 

​Tells it Like it Is

George Orwell put pen to paper in 1948 and brought forth his classic cautionary tale 1984. This prophetic warning paints a horrifyingly familiar portrait of a culture shaped by the Party.