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Lady Melody reads Animal Farm

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Farenheit 451-the temperature at which paper burns.  Ray Bradbury writes with poetic grace about a possible future in which Firemen  burn books and sometimes the criminals who read them.  This beautifully crafted tale of redemption follows Firman Guy Montag through his awakening and return to sanity.  May it be so for our troubled world.

The playlist below *Our Lady Melody Tells it Like it Is* was recorded some years ago.  Today these messages are more relevant than ever.  Being ahead of your time isn't much fun, but it's really useful when we all get to the point of 2020 Hindsight.

High geek-value presentations of the places where modern Physics meets ancient Mysticism.

Lady Melody reads 1984

My latest project delivers daily installments of the Orwell masterpiece, 1984. In this historic time when we can't hear each others voices over the drumbeat of outrage, Let's gather around the digital campfire for Story Time and listen to the words of a master.  

George Orwell put pen to paper in 1948 and brought forth his classic cautionary tale 1984. This prophetic warning paints a horrifyingly familiar portrait of a culture shaped by the Nazi mind control techniques so evident during WWII. When the war ended, those techniques of strategic emotional manipulation were adopted by the American advertising industry, because they work.

Today, we have been groomed by relentless advertisement into excellent consumers who serve the Economy. A Good Consumer is neurotic, anxious, and searching for an instant solution that can be bought from a store.  Good Consumers rely on the Voice of Authority to tell them what to think, and above all, who to hate.

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Lady Melody reads Farenheit 451

Our Lady Melody 

​Tells it Like it Is

Lady Melody reads

Harry Potter

Harry Potter (AKA the chosen one) has a date with destiny.  Prophecy marks him as the One who will be able to defeat the Dark Lord--but for now, he's just a kid with problems of his own.

Animal Farm was written before 1984.  In this classic story, the animals of Manor Farm stage a revolution and overthrow the tyranny of Human Beings.  As the tale unfolds, we see the first flush of promise turn slowly into totalitarian rule.  This is Orwell's reminder of how the seemingly *Brand New Ideas* of Socialism have ALWAYS played out on Planet Earth.