Welcome, friend.  It's pretty great that you found your way here.  

A little while back I turned 50.  That's the age when you realize that if you're gonna be any of the things you wanted to be when you grew up, now's the time to get serious about it, because the end of the road is not that far away.  When I was 5, I fell in love with a blue-haired old lady and told myself that I was gonna be just like her some day.  


Five-Year-Old Me also decided her life should be Magic.  And if you're gonna be Magic, you get to  heal all the broken places and change the world. 

Five is a great age to make Grand Visions.  The World still thinks you're cute when you dream big so nobody tells you to be more "realistic."  So I decided that my 50 is really 5x10, going on 5x11!  I'm moving on to the rest of that list. 

Today the World is fully awake to the reality that we need a healing in the biggest way.  We think that healing will happen when all of the Bad Things to Go Away and leave us alone, and then we'll be Happy.  The problem is that we've pretty much got everything backwards.  That means that the harder we work to do what we are supposed to do, the more stuck we get in all of those Bad Things that just won't go away.    

​It is my heart's desire to connect you to your inner Guidance System.  Their is 24-hour tech support included with this Human Experience.  Lots of us have not been able to get online with Guidance On Demand.  We just don't learn how to do that in the crazy Old World we were born into.  I'm here help you get back online so you can start enjoying this thrill-ride we are all taking through the Material World.

I have created a playlist of short videos that help keep you headed in the direction of True Happiness.  Isn't Happy what we all wanted to be when we grew up?  You can find these on YouTube   Our Lady Melody Tells it Like it Is.

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​​Life-Cycle Celebrant

Old White Lady

Kaylene McCaw

Why not make it magic?

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the first volume in a series of 

Critical Updates from Universal Tech Support: Connecting to Guidance On Demand

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Our Lady Melody walks you through the steps to turn off your autopilot and start playing the Human Experience Game like you came here to enjoy yourself.  Because you really did!