For some time now, I’ve been working with the amazing power of sound frequencies to re-pattern the human energy field.  This deeply relaxing process clears, tunes and upgrades your subtle energy system.  When patterns of stuck energy are restored to a state of flow, the door to healing opens, deeply transforming emotional, physical, and spiritual distress into wholeness.

After the session, you will receive powerful gifts to support you in integrating the new flow of energy, including a copy of the Human Experience Quick-Start Guide.   You will leave Wildwood Gardens with the tools you need to begin living inside of a better version of your Life Story.

*****Hi Kaylene, I just want to thank you again. When I left your house today I was feeling full of energy and bless, I need to tell you that in my normal days after 4pm I didn’t have any energy, but today, after your treatment, your magic, was amazing feeling ... I’m feeling like I have 30th again. Thank you very much!

*****What a beautiful experience! I’ve never had a tarot card reading before and I just have to say that everything rang True. The sound healing itself pulled out old stories which gave me the opportunity to rewrite them. Thank you Kaylene for Sharing your amazing gift and work my footing and path are more clearer than ever.

Your session begins with a tarot card reading. During this time we will explore the energies that are ready to be cleared, and discover the path that leads to the next chapter in your journey. This sets a clear intention for the healing work that follows. 

Welcome to

Wildwood Gardens

Spiritual Retreat and Sound Healing Center

*****Kaylene is a diamond in the rough. You think you are getting a mild healing session and then 2 hours later you are so free and clear of past trauma and pain that you want to start singing with her! She is a true healer and a wonderful spiritual guide. Highly recommended and worth every penny!

*****I just had an amazing healing session with Kaylene McCaw owner of Wildwood gardens Sound Healing and Energy Clearing. I was in outer space and came back expanded. That is the only way I can describe experiencing this feeling AND I am Letting Goodness FLOW! I highly recommend anyone to book a session with Kaylene and have your own experience.

Blessings and thanks to the lovely and brilliant Kaylene McCaw for an intense yet restorative and soothing sound healing and for a Healers of the Earth Oracle reading she encapsulated so wisely in the following mantra, a mantra quite skillful for the energetically sensitive & empaths at large:

YES i AM experiencing this Feeling AND i AM Letting Goodness FLOW

*****My experience with Kaylene at Wildwood Gardens was one that left me feeling centered, soothed, recharged and empowered. The environment is perfectly ideal for energy work; surrounded by nature outside and natural elements inside. Kaylene has a wonderful, easy going manner about her and she is thorough about explaining the steps of the session. Do go and have this lovely experience. You will be glad you did.

What People

are Saying

I AM Kaylene McCaw, also called Lady Melody, and Wildwood Gardens is my home and sanctuary.  I have been tending this piece of earth for 26 years.  A while back I made the decision to give up creative control and let the Land show me the ecosystem that she wanted to manifest.  That choice was the beginning of a beautiful adventure.

Today my Backyard Glade is an oasis of naturalized plantings that make a home for innumerable lizards, a colony of squirrels, several species of birds, and a handful of shiny green solitary bees who make  their nests in tiny bird-houses.  It is also the chosen habitat of Opal the tortoiseshell cat and an adorable free-range rabbit named Mr. Kiwi who maintains a burrow behind the air conditioner.  

*****My sound healing session today with Kaylene McCaw was nothing short of absolute magic. I laid down on her table broken and bleeding from my wounds of a life of trauma; desperate to heal and release my pain. My back, neck and jaw also physically ached. As she waved her magic sound wands and sang to my soul with her melodic voice a growing feeling of freedom, growth, and release filled my aura with light and goodness. And as I slowly healed we cried together, but no where near as much as we laughed. Because freedom and release feels amazing!

I am so grateful that Kaylene was not afraid to dive into another dimension with me and do the hard work that called for when dealing with severe childhood trauma. Together we trudged through the mire of my chakras and cleaned them out, kindly letting any creatures that lived there to move along and find their new purpose. And as we worked through the pain of my past and transmuted my inherited darkness to light the physical pain I described earlier completely left my body too.

It was truly miraculous in a way I have never experienced before. Literally one of the best healing sessions of my life. And if you suffer from pain of any magnitude or kind I can’t recommenced her enough. Because, personally, I can’t wait to get back on her table.

I will use different instruments in your energy field   and intuitively guided vocal toning to dissolve areas of tangled energy that are blocking the energy flow of life force energy. 

*****I’ve honestly never had an experience like I did with Kaylene. She is one of the most amazing healers, or probably THE most amazing healer who has ever worked on me. I felt so safe and truly had an out of body experience with her sound healing. Her positive and inspiring words seemed to dig their way into my head and pop back up in times of anxiety and panic, ready to calm me back down. I have never had such an emotional/spiritual release as I did with Kaylene. When I got in my car I instantly started crying. The best way to describe her and the experience you’ll have with her is pure magic. I highly recommend if you need a spiritual reset, and want to feel complete calmness. She also tells you the path on which you should be going which is extremely helpful. No way anyone could be disappointed seeing her for this amazing experience.

Sonic Immersion, sometimes called a Sound Bath, is a powerful tool for transforming the energy of a family, working group, or intimate couple.  I perform sessions at Wildwood Gardens on any day of the week.  You may also book a group session in your home or community center. Contact me to arrange the details.  


Next you recline on a soft, tapestry draped treatment table while music plays in the powerful frequency of OHM, perfectly complementing the vibration of the tuning forks that now begin to sweep through your energy field. This frequency corresponds to the movement of the Earth around the Sun, and brings the nurturing power of Mother Earth into your energy field  Your energy body instinctively responds to this frequency with a feeling of security and peace.  

You are invited to share your experience as the energy begins to move and continue the conversation we began over the tarot cards, or to simply relax and experience the deep restoration that comes with the release of trapped energies.

*****An AMAZING SOUL CONNECTION, LOVE & GRATITUDE GIVEN HERE! She was incredible about listening to my concerns w/o judgment. Just an open hearted person who after 1 visit I feel completely at ease with her!! She was kind, understanding and went above and beyond what I expected in reguards to heart Frequency and Knowledge here. I will return! I Highly Recommend her Services!

*****I absolutely loved every second of my sound healing session with Kaylene! I was visiting the area from the Midwest on a solo vacation, and the session was the highlight of my trip. I’ve never felt so clear and calm in my mind, and her property is such a peaceful place. I highly recommend a session with Kaylene. She is an incredible woman with so much to offer the world. Just overall, a beautiful soul!

When your field is clear and the energy centers are balanced, I will use my tuning forks to clear and re-pattern the energy flow within your body, leaving you  refreshed and restored from head to toe.

These creatures keep company with a cloud of fairies and ancestral spirits who are attracted to the energy of the Great Mother. 

Your session ends with a warm Himalayan salt treatment and an epsom salt foot bath to ground your now free-flowing energy back into your physical body.   

*****This is THE MOST profound healing work I have ever experienced! I have had.a peripheral blind spot in my right eye for 48 years, during the session I suddenly realized I could SEE where previously it had just been a dark blind spot!!! Kaylene is a truly gifted healer, and a Divine Magickal Being!!!

Sonic Immersion