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Speaking of weird and wonderful, I have an Etsy Shop where you can find my scandalous Goddess Artwork for your altar.  You will also find some lighthearted, funky collage artwork that will take you back to childhood.  There are a few examples in the slideshow below.  And while you're looking "down there" the video explains the symbolic powers of the Great Mother in the form of Mama Quanta.

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I'm spending the rest of the time I have in the Human Experience making things work.  And making sure they work for everybody, because if they don't work for everybody, then they just don't work.

I've been dreaming of a community that comes together to practice being the New Kind of People who are making the New Kind of World that works for everybody.  Do you want to play in the Sandbox?  You are invited.  Sign up for my very non-spammy mailing list and you will be the first to know as this all unfolds into something beautiful.

I AM Kaylene McCaw, O*W*L

That stands for Old White Lady.  I'm taking back all three of those words​.  Because I'm tired of being upset about things I Can't change

Like being a full-on Grownup human being

That means I am an ELDER, and the position comes with certain benefits, like hard won wisdom and an overwhelming desire to be of service to the next generation of Human Beings

Like being Caucasian

There's an embarrassment factor when you​ think about some of the things we've done in the world.  But the best of those things was giving the world the word SHAMAN.  That's what white is gonna mean for me from now on.  

Or like being Female


Usually when we talk about being a lady it's because somebody is telling you to keep your mouth shut and your knees pressed together.  But the LADY of the house is the female version of the Lord.  She is the woman in charge.  And that is (finally) me.  

I am the Owner of my Own Dream and a speaker of Truth to anybody who will take a minute to listen.

I've accumulated a couple of year's worth of videos on YouTube.  It began with a playlist called Our Lady Melody Tells it Like it Is and continues with a series called FROM THE HEART OF WILDWOOD GARDENS.

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