Restoring the Womb of Creation

Series Seven $35

Decoupage Collage with tissue overlay and found elements

Visionary Artwork

Series One  $20

Mama Quanta in watercolor on cardboard on a background of framed mirror 


Series Five  $25

Mama Quanta Queen of Heaven hand-cut from cardboard with watercolor and mirrored Womb

These pieces have been created to build your energetic connection to Divine Female energy.  The awesome power of the Womb to create and transform our lives comes out of the Shadow and into the Present Moment with these Great Mother Icons.   What we place before our eyes comes alive on the Altar of the Heart.  Literally see yourself in the Sacred Womb of Creation.

Let Mama Quanta help build your Womb Power!

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Series Six $25

Buddha with a Womb

Original design inspired by an ancient buddha image

drawn with a single continuous line on wood panel

Mama Quanta's Mirror

Made from recycled and repurposed materials.  

Just like the Womb of the Great Mother takes our worries back in to herself to be born again in the new and better form that we hold in our Sacred Imagination

Series Four  $20

Are You My Mother?  Full pages with Mama Quanta (Dark Womb) 

​in wood frame with glass





Series Three $25

Are You My Mother?  Found images from the treasured children's book

on mirror background with net overlay that calls forth the Net of Light that joins all things together.

Series Two $25

Mama Quanta in watercolor on cardboard on a background of fabric 


The original Mama Quanta sketch with tissue overlay in hand painted frame

​Not For Sale

I have to find My Mother (with detail) in hand-painted frame