Let's have a Celebration!


SUNTELIA is a very old fashioned word that means "the culmination of the ages."  It is also the title of my latest solo play.  SUNTELIA had its world premiere in the 2019 SaraSolo Festival on February 2nd.  I was honored with the Illuminist Award, "presented to an exceptional artist who uses wit to weave humorous and poignant reflections of the human condition."

We are all leveling up inside of this Human Experience game.  SUNTELIA is a magical ritual that celebrates the culmination of the journey with music, dancing and storytelling. You will walk away from SUNTELIA owning your own power to play the next level of the game with style and grace.  

My heart is making a space for you in the New World. To book a performance, send me an email at: kaylenemccaw@gmail.com