Old Bitch Throws Down

Extemporaneous Awesome

​​Our Lady Melody tells it like it is.  That's the YouTube playlist where you will find the awakened wit of Kaylene mcCaw, and that's what happens when you turn her loose at your event.  Our Lady brings the truth with a signature combination of compassion and sass. 

Old Bitch is the distinctly irreverent modern take on what it means to be a wise old woman in a crazy old world.  Back in the day they called us crones, because we wear life's crown.  Today people get offended by words like that.   So let's just get the getting offended part over with right away, shall we?

I'm beginning to think we should just say "the O word" instead of OLD.  But the truth is, we need the wisdom of the elders more today than ever before, especially because we practically shit our pants at the idea of being old.  We forgot that growing up actually makes you more cool if you do it right.

Young people seem to understand this better than old farts, for the most part, because they're still hopeful that there will be a future to believe in.  I love to talk to the young ones, because I know a secret.  They love to listen when you give them a little respect, and actually have something to say.

When you're ready for the uncut and uncensored version, drop me a line and you'll probably get a bite. KayleneMcCaw@Gmail.com.