Our Lady Melody is committed to helping you get connected to Guidance On Demand and stay connected.  Back when white people were cool, every village had an on-site technician that would keep everybody's operating system up to date.  This person was called a Shaman.  The Shaman is the Magic Maker, who uses the language of Imagery, Music and Spoken word to speak directly to the Soul.  

​Sometimes that means editing the bad code that makes our Human Experience get all glitchy and confusing.  Sometimes it means teaching you how to use a Work-Around to get out of a stuck place and back into the Flow of Life.  And at the best of times, it means joining together in ecstatic Celebration of the Goodness of this Beautiful World that we are creating together.

Have a problem?  I can help.

Do you want to expand your power to bring Beauty into the world during this time of stunning transformation?  I've got you covered.

Are you part of a community that is ready to take the next step into a Sacred experience of the Flow of Life?  Let's Play!

Have you been so beaten up by the Church that the whole idea of God and Holiness scares the Hell out of you?  Me too, baby.  That's where Guidance On Demand came from.  After the Church chewed me up and spit me out, I couldn't say the G-word without throwing up in my mouth a little bit.  Finally my wounds healed enough that I could begin to think about taking back the good parts of Faith.  I can help you find your way back into Love.

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Turning With the Wheel of Life