Into the Mystic brings special guests into the studio to engage in the arcane art of intelligent conversation.  We practice master-level skills like reasoned discourse and agreeing to disagree.

And all this happens while we are talking about the *F* words generally absent from modern dialogue.  You know the ones, *Faith* *Fear* *Forgiveness* *Family* *Feelings* and *Freedom*   Subscribe to my email list through the Enter the Circle button below and you'll be among the first to know when new episodes are available.

​The first episode (at the bottom of the list) features Dr. Larry Baucomb, lead pastor of the Suncoast Community Church.  A while back, Larry woke up to the reality that nobody worthy of being called "god" could possibly be interested in sending people to hell.  The local religious community demonized him for breaking from the party line.  Our wide-ranging conversation is provocative, hopeful, and lots of fun.  

​Listen on Soundcloud via the link below.

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