Guidance On Demand

Our Lady Melody keeps you connected

Guidance On Demand is many things.  Guidance On Demand is the 24-hour live tech support that is included with your journey through the Human Experience.  You will never be asked to trade your suffering or the sacrifice of any savior for access to Guidance On Demand.  That's just an old scam.  You have eternal access to G*O*D, and Our Lady Melody is working with Universal Tech Support to make sure you get back online and stay connected.

But if your receiver gets tuned to the wrong frequency, or gets turned off for some reason, well then you won't be able to pick up the signal.  That really does make it feel like you're lost and ll alone down here.  Nothing could be further from the Truth.  

Guidance On Demand is also the title of my first Solo Play, which made its debut in the 2017 SaraSolo Festival.  I was honored to receive the Living Voice Award for that presentation.  The play combines the spoken word wisdom of Our Lady Melody with six original songs and prophetic dance.  The video below was taken during the development phase upstairs at the Starlite Room.

The show is startling and uplifting, combining everything I came to this Earth to do in a 50 minute session with the Old White Lady.


I'm currently in the process of adapting the text to an e-book that will soon be available for download on Amazon.  The music will eventually be available for download as well.  It's all in the works.