A Community of Human Beings

Come Play in


the Sandbox

I have been dreaming of a community for such a long time.  

Now the time has come to build that tribe of people who are ready to take the Next Step.  This Community centers around learning how to speak the language of the Matrix of Manifestation: Yes/And.  If you are coding in any other language, like ancient NOT, that's the reason the game is not going the way you wanted it to.

We have all learned (mainly from example) to give our attention and energy to pushing away what we do NOT want.  It feels like we are at least doing something useful when we resist the badness we see in the world around us.  Many of us have learned to expect that being a good, caring person includes a heaping helping of sharing in the pain of everyone who is suffering.  And anybody who is not eating their share of the suffering pie is shirking their duty to humanity, by golly!

This is all the result of a simple communication breakdown.  My play, SUNTELIA, and the QUICK-START GUIDE explain more about the power of the NOT language to screw everything up, and the power of YES to get us back on track.  This training program takes you into the daily practice that will have you feeling like a native speaker of YES/And.  

The power of YES is the power of the Divine Feminine, the Quantum Yin.  Yin Power allows the power of that which is Good to come forth.  The Yes power of the Quantum Yin gets the engine of manifestation going again.  We have been using a lot of energy, and using it all wrong.  Learning to code in Yes/And will take that same energy and turn it into the things we all need and want. 

The Sandbox meets once a month in my Wildwood Gardens home.  Email me at KayleneMcCaw@Gmail.com for details.  Come and Play!